alem-bic 1. system used in distillation 2. something that refines or transmutes

  • Concert recordings
  • Recording sessions
  • Event documentation
  • Album production, CD & downloads
  • Editing, conversion, mastering

Alembic Productions is the professional context for the activities of recording engineer and media producer Carl Pultz.

For fifteen plus years, I’ve been practicing the delicate art of recording acoustical ensembles: choruses, orchestras, chamber ensembles, and instrumental and vocal soloists. And now and then, a bar-band, too. Jazz, blues – I love it all.

But, it’s mostly in the classical sphere that I’ve battled wacky acoustics, difficult floor-plans – and audiences – to make as ideal a reflection of the artist’s vision as the occasion allows.

No blood-sport, this music recording game – not to me. The performance of music is a profound thing, however serious or casual. Through it we can touch the infinite. So I approach every event with humility and an open mind and open ears.

Give me a good-sounding quiet space and I can give you astonishing realism. I work to capture and retain through production as pure a reflection of the performance as possible, and pass on all the subtlety of timbre and dynamics.

Sometimes, a noisy space or challenging acoustic requires  interventions to make an enjoyable recording. I do that, but as little as possible, because while the tools technology provides are amazing, they can’t avoid affecting the music in some way. Through skill and experience, I work to achieve the right balance.

Got a ‘tape’ that needs work? Let me see what I can do!

I’ve spent my life either involved in or utterly fascinated by music and media. While in high school, when I was supposed to be learning about electronics and computers, I was moonlighting at a classical radio station. I gave up ham radio to become an audiophile. Ten years later, I gave up being a photographer to return to classical radio, and spent a decade as a program host and producer. Though never a musician, I bring an artistic sensibility and musical understanding to my work of translating, or transmuting, art through media. Yes, it is magic.