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The occasion of Bach’s birthday and the efforts of a few of my friends gives me the thought to update this neglected blog. I had nothing to do with the first, but something to do with the second. Two years ago, the hardworking David Chin organized and conducted a performance of Bach’s St. John Passion. It featured some great singers, local pros and advanced students from the Eastman School, and a fine ensemble for accompaniment. It went very well, and my recording isn’t bad.

That wasn’t the end of it. Mona Seghatoleslami at WXXI had a plan and it has come to fruition this week. Her radio version of the production will be broadcast by about 50 different radio stations all over the country, from Alaska to Florida. Many scheduled it on the 25th. Pretty neat! Thanks Mona.

David himself made a video version of the performance. Free of dynamic compression, it sounds better than most broadcasts will sound. But, hey, I love radio.